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"Active Apps" Widget (iOS 17+) • View remaining days for ALL active apps from Home Screen • Refresh apps directly from home screen by tapping countdown timers


Shortcuts • Converted existing "Refresh All Apps" shortcut into App Shortcut • Available by default in "App Shortcuts" section of Shortcuts app • Displays accurate progress when refreshing apps via Shortcuts app

Widgets • Updated existing home screen widget to support refreshing apps by tapping countdown (iOS 17+) • Fully compatible with macOS Sonoma

FIXED • Fixed AltJIT on iOS 17* • Fixed updating apps with manually removed extensions (e.g. uYou+) • Fixed not refreshing AltStore last when refreshing via Shortcut • Fixed Error Log not displaying all detailed info for certain errors

*Requires AltServer 1.7 (macOS)

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Version: v1.7

Last Updated: 2024-05-02T17:08:08.632Z

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Bundle Identifier: com.rileytestut.AltStore

Size: 5.54 MB

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