AltStore (Beta)

AltStore (Beta)

Riley Testut


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App Icon • Brand new app icon • Choose alternate app icons in Settings

Misc. • Added social media follow buttons to Settings


Sources • Supports JSON5 for sources • Throws error when adding marketplace source to non-marketplace AltStore (and vice versa)

Patreon • Supports custom pledge amounts

Misc. • Changed "WiFi" spelling to "Wi-Fi" • Displays version # for updates in My Apps tab • Dismiss full-screen screenshots with swipe gesture • Updated social media URLs for Credits section in Settings

FIXED • Fixed various issues when installing apps before adding source • Fixed not updating featured apps installation status on source detail page • Fixed not showing "more updates" button when there are more than 2 updates • Fixed missing blur when pushing AppViewController onto modal navigation controller • Fixed incorrect corner radius animation for app + source detail screens • Fixed not showing toast view if error occurs during initial sources fetch

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App information

Version: v2.0rc

Last Updated: 2024-05-02T17:08:11.175Z

Uploaded by:

Bundle Identifier: com.rileytestut.AltStore.Beta

Size: 19.93 MB

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