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Another (unique design) local forecast and live weather app. A user requested it so here it is. Last updated: 05-01-2024 Status: ✅ ⭐

**APPLE DESIGN AWARD FINALIST 2021** **FAST COMPANY INNOVATION BY DESIGN AWARD** "Just astonishingly fun." — John Gruber WEATHER LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT What if you could play the daily weather like you play a song? Scrub through a day and experience the shifts in weather over the course of a day like a timelapse shot. REALTIME SIMULATIONS !Weather is the *real* weather, not a simplified interpretation. We pull every weather data point (cloud coverage, wind speed, precipitation, visibility) to simulate the real weather in a single scene you can feel. Sunny and windy and raining all at the same time? No problem. More honest, more accurate, and yet simpler. PLAYS LIKE A GAME, WORKS LIKE AN APP Next generation user interface designed and built in 3D with animation and sounds inspired by video games. Hear the rain and feel the thunder. Wind that blows rain based on actual wind speed and direction. Real moon phases. MORE ACCURATE WEATHER DATA Easy tap to reveal all the underlying weather data—wind speed, direction, humidity, visibility, air quality, dew point, moon phase, cloud coverage, and more. Multiple weather forecasters to choose from for the most accurate for your region. NEXT-HOUR FORECAST Know when rain is coming down to the minute. MOON PHASES Track an accurate representation of the moon phase. BIG & READABLE Big numbers you can read across a room. WIDGETS Always see the current weather right on your home screen. SKINS Skins change the whole look and feel of the app. New skins and collaborations every season so you can keep it fresh. SUPER!BORING Become a Super!Boring member and get all 5 Not Boring apps + skins + extras. We are 100% member-supported. No ads, no data gathering, no tracking. Just beautiful apps that make everyday life a little less boring. Plans: Link Support: Link
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