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PojavLauncher is a Minecraft: Java Edition launcher for iOS and Android based on the Boardwalk project.

• Play most versions of Minecraft, from the very first beta to the latest snapshots. • Customize with mods, resource packs, and compatible shaders • Create multiple instances of Minecraft for multiple versions • Adjust on-screen controls to your liking, or use keyboard and mouse or controllers • Play online with full Java Edition servers ...and so much more!

Notice: PojavLauncher iOS requires JIT to function correctly. This application automatically enables JIT with JITStreamer, TrollStore, or when jailbroken, however other methods can be used if required.

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App information

Version: v2.2

Last Updated: 2024-05-02T17:08:09.751Z

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Bundle Identifier: net.kdt.pojavlauncher

Size: 103.16 MB